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Image by Brad Barmore

“I want to thank you for getting me back to work and, more importantly, back to being healthy. I sincerely believe that I would not be where I am today without your willingness to go above and beyond reasonable expectations in your pursuit of excellence! I cannot thank you enough for your professionalism, empathy, and friendship.”

Andrew K.

Couple Running

"Dr. Creager is highly knowledgeable in her area of expertise and open to explore new areas/conditions. She listens and tailors treatment to every individual's needs. She thinks outside of the box and is on the cutting edge of research related to numerous chronic coenditions. She is a kind and caring person and her treatment had a profound impact on my quality of life."

Jacqueline S.

woman stretching wearing sweatband

"Thank you so much for helping me find the right path to pursue with my health. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your experience, knowledge, and wisdom–along with a dose of compassion and kindness. I appreciate you."

Debbie O.

Cross Fit Class

"Dr. McFarland trains our whole family on just what each of us needs, ranging  from the 20 somethings to the 60 somethings. She has specialized, simple looking exercises that kick our collective butts.  Whether you need strength, flexibility or posture improvement, she has you covered.  Can’t overstate her knowledge or skill at seeing your weak spots." -Kearney Family, members and training clients with BAC since 2008"

Kearney Family

"I am always surprised at the intensity level of Pilates. I have discovered muscles I didn't even know existed! It has really helped strengthen my spine and improved my back pain." 

Woodson B.

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